Our wedding team is headed by Klára, the wedding coordinator, who is assisted by the other members of the team.


The first person to listen to your ideas is our wedding team leader, Klára. This is a person who has really found her calling. She’s been drawn to the atmosphere of weddings ever since she was a child. She could sense the rarity of the moment and the positive mood among the wedding guests, and she admired the beautiful clothing of the bride and groom, the extraordinarily decorated interiors, and the unrepeatable first kiss of the newlyweds. She was interested in every detail, the way the colours had been composed, the bouquets, the tablecloths, the gifts, the service, and so many other things. She knew that one day she herself would be preparing such weddings.

Klára’s dream of becoming a wedding coordinator came true several years later, when she joined Amden. It was here that she could finally apply her own personal approach to the client, the art of listening, creative thinking, a sense of foresight, a sense of detail, and the ability to see everything through to the end. She will be your confidante and adviser as you progress to the wedding of your dreams. The scripting of the ceremony and the wedding celebrations will be in her hands.

She will prepare how the wedding guests are to be addressed, she will , come up with the simple mobile app “proper wedding gifts” in order to save you from surprises, she will oversee the implementation of the programme, she will call on animators to make the wedding more entertaining for your friends’ children. She is also in charge of the team and sets tasks so that everything runs as smoothly as a Swiss watch.

Who are the other members of our wedding team? MORE
  • Jakub

    This is your go-to guy for anything you could ever need. Though a man in every sense, he secretly studied the “girls’” degree of production management and organisational work. He adroitly reconnoitres the terrain, plans and arranges structures, orders technology, equipment, transport, lights, a stage, catering, accommodation, printing, etc. With both of his feet planted firmly on the ground, you can be sure that your dream wedding is going to be great.

  • Petra

    A maestro of dreamscapes. She can see colours better than anyone else at our wedding agency. She helps to harmonise the overall wedding design with the suits and the dress, and she advises on the table layout, the floral decoration, and accessories inside and out. She can also devise a programme in line with your needs and requirements. She will find a fireworks display, a rock group or a children’s choir. Having studied psychology, she will defuse any potential crises as the wedding approaches with a smile.

  • Daniel

    He was a graphic designer, a creative creature in every way, and a visual wizard from the moment he entered this world. Dan views your dream through the eyes of a photographer and artist. He adds gentle contours to it on the wedding notifications and other materials, designs a micro site, if you want one, contributes to the scene where the wedding ceremony and celebrations are to take place, and arranges the wedding photography and videography.

Let us come with you as you take the plunge!

As you can see, Klára is backed by an experienced dream team that is up for any challenge. A group of professionals who, besides weddings, prepare music festivals, concerts, conferences, corporate parties for a thousand people, and roadshows for multinational companies. The main objective pursued by the Amden wedding agency is satisfaction – primarily of the customer, but also our own. The most powerful weapons in our arsenal are creativity, professionalism, and a fair and sensitive approach.