The wedding dress – do i sort it out myself or should a wedding agency give me a helping hand?

One the most important tasks for perhaps any woman ahead of her wedding is to choose the right dress. When we organise weddings, it is often the case that women look for their own path to go down. It is very difficult to find your way around the labyrinth of fashion trends and styles and make the right choice. Here, too, the wedding agency has a role to play because you need insightful people who inhabit the world of wedding-dress and accessory trends and feel perfectly at home here. We will try to give you some idea of what is happening in the world of wedding fashion.

It is common knowledge that wedding fashion is highly conservative – typically, the bride wears a full-length white mermaid or empire dress over a fluffed-up petticoat. This is beautiful and traditional. However, other trends are also rife in 2090. Take a look at some of them for inspiration.

What does a wedding coordinator recommend?

This year, off-the-shoulder and backless wedding dresses are in, with a V-neck to emphasise the bride’s tenderness and femininity. You can replace classic white with shades of cream or champagne, or even opt for pastel blue, pink, yellow or mint. The classic neckline is trimmed with artful flowery embroidery or lace. These are items that will transform you into a princess. And how best can we round of the overall impression? Besides a veil, you can wear a diadem or tiara. This year’s top accessories are short and long cloaks with lace, floral embroidery or beset with stones, which enhance a minimalist dress.

Wedding dress imbued with the romantic undertones of Provence

Couples who decide to hold a Provençal wedding should also make sure that the venue and attire dovetail with this choice. The Provençal style is very rustic in spirit, embracing natural materials and simple shapes. If you pick a good agency, you are sure to find the perfect spot and, what’s more, with the right people you won’t overspend your wedding budget on an excessively priced dress. This year, designers recommend simple cuts that highlight the bride’s naturalness and tenderness. You can experiment with the length of the dress. Long or short, it looks great.

It is best to do away with veils and wear a small garland using the same flowers as those in the bouquet, or an understated headdress that wonderfully adds to the image of the bride.

Boho – lightness, tenderness, romance

Any boho-style event is characterised by lightness, tenderness, romance and love. Precisely the sort of style you want for your wedding. A luxurious, devastatingly beautiful boho-style wedding dress is just the ticket for many brides because the crisp lines, lightness, freedom and unorthodox design will capture the attention of everyone, bar none. Comparing wedding-dress trends in 2019-2020 with years gone by, we can see that they are more elegant and decorated with gemstones. It is worth remembering that the image projected by a boho-style bride eschews the veil in favour of various garlands, headdresses or ribbons.

Wedding suit – the choice of a chic lady

perhaps you are not getting married for the first time, your youth is far behind you, or you simply don’t want to play a romantic princess. Our wedding coordinator Klára can advise you, too, on fashion trends. An elegant alternative to a dress is a wedding suit. This bold choice would be appropriate, for instance, for a small wedding with your nearest and dearest, or for a bohemian wedding where the bride really wants to stand out and grab everyone’s attention. There are many wedding suits for women. You can take your pick of various trouser styles, accompanied by jackets in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Jumpsuits with a train from the waist or the shoulders look very impressive.

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